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We are a Los Angeles based wholesale company that specializes in the supply & distribution of 100% natural mined and real lab grown (CVD & HPHT) melee, pointers, and certified diamonds.

Los Angeles Wholesale Diamond Supply & Distribution

We specialize in supplying 100% real diamonds of unsurpassed quality nationwide. Offering natural mined and real lab grown (CVD & HPHT) melee, pointers, and certified diamonds. Our in-house experts execute each order with meticulous care and transparency, ensuring you purchase and receive stones that meet your exact specifications. All from our headquarters in Los Angeles, California's historic Jewelry District on Hill Street.


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Whether you need to purchase several precision cut stones to complete an intricate, custom-design, or you are interested in buying wholesale melee diamonds to create a wide array of jewelry pieces, our team draws upon an incredible depth of inventory and expertise to deliver promptly, precisely, and consistently.



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Los Angeles Diamond Servicing Sieve and Diamonds

Melee, Pointers, & Certified

With a large range of qualities and price points, you can be confident you are purchasing exceptional, accurately sized melee and pointers calibrated spificiatly to your tolerance preferences; in a variety of size requirement.

Star - Melee to 7 carat certified Natural & Lab Grown Diamonds

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee on each diamond. 

Diamond Melee Pricelist

Spring 2023: Natural Mined & Lab Grown (CVD) Round Diamond Wholesale Price List

Call For: Oval, Princess, Pear, Emerald, Baguette, and More

  • Diamond Sources

    Our Sources

    Polished. Not re-polished. All our diamonds originate from respected rough diamond companies. Not from prior used Jewelry. Ethically sourced.

  • Diamond Testing

    Our Testing

    We offer you natural earthed or 100% lab grown diamonds at full transparency. Tested with the foremost advanced technologies the industry has.

  • Diamond Assorting

    Our Assortments

    We know how frustrating it is to have different qualities in the same jewel. If you to reorder diamonds for a previously made jewel, be assured that the second batch will be exactly the same as the first.

  • Diamond Calibration

    Our Calibration

    We are as meticulous as you are. Your settings are perfectly calibrated so are our diamonds. They’ll always fit, guaranteed.

  • Diamond Packaging

    Our Packaging

    Each size and for each sub-project is individually packed, and labeled. On the label you’ll have standard: the size, number of stones, color, purity, and carat weight. We will also add any reference information you should need, should you so desire.

  • Diamond Delivery

    Express Delivery

    From our table to your bench. We know how crucial the timing is for the diamond setter or the jeweler to get the jewelry delivered on time. We offer you over night delivery of your melee via FedEx.

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Custom Diamond Certification

Custom Certification and Appraisal Services

Unique appraisals & creative certification solutions available upon request.