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7 Of The Best Places To Buy Stunning Lab-Created Diamonds

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Even the best lab-grown diamonds can stir up a bit of skepticism in shoppers—and for good reason. You might wonder how can anything concocted in a laboratory can compare to what’s organically found in nature? But with new technologies and sustainable practices, there’s a lot to be said about the benefits of lab-created diamonds, which by the way, are very much “real.”

Perhaps the biggest upside to choosing lab-grown is that it’s a more ethical route than the traditional option for purchasing new diamonds—there’s no mining involved and many brands create these stones with renewable energy, leaving behind zero emissions. Another benefit to lab-grown is that it maximizes your budget without necessarily sacrificing on quality. When it comes to a big purchase, such as an engagement ring, that extra savings can really add up. Below, we’ve included 7 of the best jewelers offering lab-created diamond engagement rings.

  • Best Premium Cut Lab-Grown Diamonds: Vrai
  • (PAID PLACEMENT) Best Lab-Grown Diamonds For Custom Pieces:Brilliant Earth
  • Best Cost-Conscious Lab-Grown Diamonds: Blue Nile
  • Best Lab-Grown Diamonds For Classic Rings: Lark And Berry
  • Best Eco-Friendly Lab-Grown Diamonds: Clean Origin
  • Best Lab-Grown Diamonds For Delicate Styles: Noémie
  • Best Lab-Grown Diamonds For Variety: James Allen


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